Weapon Ideas

This idea is about Arena Styled battle, where Players customize their equips before going into the Arena 1 vs 1, duking it out in pure skills and technique based battle.

Theory: With a wise selection of Weapons and Equipments for players to utilize, players are able to craft their own unique style of battle techniques to climb up the ranks among other players.

Experiment, adapt. Demolish.

Concept:Players bring their own set of arsenals to the Arenas that they enter.
Both players are given 30 seconds to equip whatever items and movesets they desire to bring to the Arena.
Then both players are given 15 seconds each to review what their opponents have.

Weapon 1, Weapon 2, Relic, Scroll 1, Scroll 2 and Armor.

1. “Weapons” are the main tools that players use to combat each other and deal damage to their opponents in the Arena.
Weapons have different passives, Weight, Taps, Hold 1 and Hold 2 abilities. Weapons also have different air attacks.
Example: Chronos Calibre – Melee, Medium Weight Sword. Damage: 30-45
Tap: (When you mash the attack key)
Hold 1: Attack that unleashes at the half bar length of your Charge meter
Hold 2: Special Attack that unleashes at the full bar length of your charge meter

The heavier your weapons are, the slower your character and your attacks are, but more powerful your attacks will be.
Players can switch from one weapon to another in between combos. The heavier a weapon is, the longer it will take to switch to that weapon.

2. “Relic”s are powerful ancient artifacts that players can bring to a battle.
Relics have a very long cooldown duration but can determine a player’s play style.
Example: Zhonya’s Hourglass – Turn your character into a golden statue and become immune for the next 2.5 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

3. “Scrolls” is a creative a way to put “Movement skills” into a short term. Players can bring 2 different types of “Scrolls” into their game which allows them to move, dodge, initiate or disillusion in creative ways in conjuction with their weapons.
These scrolls allow the user to do EXTRA moves addition to their default walking, jumping, running and quick-dashing to a location.
Example: Tumble: Becoming shortly invincible for 0.5 second and gain 15% damage boost on next basic attack.
OR Shadow Clone: Leave behind a clone that turns into a cloud of smoke while you stealth yourself for the next 2 seconds.
OR Super Jump: Launch yourself into the air, temporary staying airborne until you fall back down.

4. “Armor” is a counter-method to disable your enemies from comboing you infinitely or kiting you endlessly with 2 Ranged weapons. (haha) Some armors can provide simple damage reduction bonuses to certain types of attacks (Light, Heavy, Ranged, Magic) and some armors can give you flinch prevention, knockup prevention or Knockback prevention.

Basic Weapons Ideas

Chronos Calibre – Melee, Medium weight sword. Damage: 36-52
Tap: 4 hit swing
Hold 1: Enters Adrenaline Rush. Movement speed & Attack speed increase for a short time
Hold 2: Rewinds to damage received for the past 2 seconds.

Blizzard Blade – Melee, Large weight Long sword. Damage: 40-75
Passive: Units around the user have -15% movement speed
Tap: 3 hit swing, last hit smashes ground and sends out shards
Hold1: swings sword against the ground and upwards, Ice spikes shoot out and launches enemies up.
Hold 2: Avalanche: After charging, smashes the sword hard against the ground, stunning enemies for 1 second.

Sakura Grappling Hook – Melee, Utility weapon Damage: 20-30
Tap: 2 hit swing, last hit flinches.
Hold 1: Knockback, hit with force.
Hold 2: When shot, cool down is cast. (10 seconds) If the hook connects with an enemy, then the user pulls him self forward to the enemy’s location and the enemy is stunned.

Floating Knives – 3 Knives Ranged, Damage: 25-40
Tap: Throws a knife. After three throws, must recharge for 0.3 seconds.
Hold 1: Shoots out all 3 knives. In an angle.
Hold 2: Heaven’s Collapse: All knives thrown in the last 5 seconds raise into the sky, then strike down toward the floor.

Lightening Bow – Ranged, Damage 40-50
Tap: 1 hit Knockback
Hold 1: Shoots an arrow that does increasing damage if hit in the head (2x)
Hold 2: Stun Arrow, stuns an enemy for 1 second.

Zap Sword – Project Yi sword Damage 20-30
Tap: 5 hit swing, extremely fast attacks.
Hold 1: Windslash – slashes through an enemy and position yourself behind them
Hold 2: Mark of Death – Strikes and marks an enemy with a red mark. The opponent takes more damage from your attacks.

Spartan Shield –
Tap: 2 hit swing, the second hit stuns.
Hold 1: Creates a small wall ahead that lasts for 3 seconds.
Hold 2: Shield slam: dashes forward with the shield up and knocks up all enemies caught in the path.