October 23th, 2017

Hey, Jason here.

I'll be rewriting this post to recap on the topics I plan to write about.

This will the start of the series, "Crypto", that will be discussing and elaborating on topics related to Digital Currency - Topics ranging from basic definitions of money, how it works, its history, alternate coins, ICO's, my personal experiences with it and so on. The goal here is to shed light on this new technology many may or may not fully comprehend with easy to read article posts. And in doing so, I too may better understand this perplexing thing we call Bitcoin. 
Given a bit of time and great effort, I strive to get hired in a professional environment as a Support Engineer or UX/UI designer ( ideally at Exodus! ). Whether or not I get the job, I'm ready to hustle! 

What topics will be discussed? 
First off, a comprehensive understanding of the significance of virtual currency will need to be established before anything else. Here's what the next few posts will be explaining:

  • Commodity, Fiat and Crypto Currencies
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is Litecoin?
  • What is Ethereum?

Then how it works...

  • BlockChain
  • Mining
  • Wallets
  • P2P Network
  • Security

..and finally tips on how you can be a part of this digital currency !

  • Where/How to buy ? 
  • Alternate coins / assets
  • Trends 
  • Useful Websites / Software
  • Personal Experiences 

Once the basics are nailed down, I'll be tackling the tougher topics regarding the job interview: 

  1. UTXOs
  2. Bitcoin fees
  3. PYMLSA452
  4. Ethereum nonces
  5. BIP process
  6. General FAQ 

And that should wrap it up for the overview!  I'll be occasionally posting about Bitcoin from time to time - Global news to my personal victories/losses with trading to sharing new ICO's. 
Thanks for reading and catch ya later,


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