Swords and Shields Co-Op

Concept 2

Swords and Shields


There once was a little town, where a little family of little people lived. The family of a mother and two brothers.
Their lives were calm and peaceful until one day the evil Kruggans took over the little town. The Kruggans were pirates, plunderers and murderers. They took every gold and every bread (Oh no! Not the bread!) they can find and left the town!

Luckily the little town’s two bravest heroes, Su and Shi volunteered to go after the Kruggans and return back the goods.

In their little house before they leave, they find a wooden Sword and wooden Shield that are too big for them. So they each carry one and started on their journey.


Two characters must connect to the server to start the game. Each player can decide which role they would like to play as for the rest of the game: Su or Shi.

Su is the younger brother. He wields the sword and acts tough. He’s really playful.

Shi is the brother who is older by 1 year. He wields the sheild and always looks out for Su.

Both characters need to work together and use the tools they’re given with in order to progress from levels to levels.

Su the “Swordman” is capable of killing enemies. Su can pull out the rope from his back to help Shi climb up from edges.

Shi the “Shieldman” is capable of stunning enemies. Shi can block projectiles and help Su jump on top of him with his shield.

Both brothers discover new Shields and Swords on their way in the adventure. They will be able to switch their weapons in the middle of the stage and use their effects to solve more complicated puzzles. Certain shields such as Wind Shield can knockback enemies and objects to help solve new puzzles. Chronos Sword can even rewind time and let the brothers bypass enemies that they’ve killed in the future.

Note: Shield can only STUN enemies for 2-3 seconds, while Sword can permanently kill. Ranged units are especially difficult to approach alone by Su because he’ll most likely be hit by the projectiles. Hide behind the Shield, approach the enemy together and kill it with the Sword.