Status Update – [ NOV 2016 ]


I'll be talking about what I've done during this month of November& what I plan to do on December. It's already the last month of the year.. SO I need to end with a BANGG!
This month was quite an unproductive month overall but made smooth progress when I did work on the game. The first two weeks of the month was spent working at my part time job because a bunch workers quit. The boss needed me to work like 6 days a week so there goes time..

Near the end of the month, Thanksgiving break happened. I was originally scheduled to work during the break to save up money but I was forced to go on a family trip for... 5 DAYS. As frustrating it was to not work on the game for almost a week, the time off was necessary. A whiff of fresh Utah mountain air, peaceful hikes at Zion National Park and losing $60 bucks at Vegas was definitely a memorable trip 🙂  Oh! Almost forgot to mention the 11hr drive back home R.I.P.

Here are some breathtaking scenery pics from the trip ~
15311378_1500866196610149_779699637_o 15310988_1500865859943516_1946600856_o 15310921_1500865646610204_1043766072_o 15303762_1500865946610174_882324539_o 15302306_1500866053276830_2069760527_o 15271572_1500866959943406_2047093557_o 15271273_1500865769943525_793985363_o 15271258_1500865893276846_1438990896_o

Progress I made in November~

Gifs from November

11-30-ap-bm_subtract-character-coool-idea 11-23-ap-enemy-death-animation

Now that I'm back, the game will need to fall into place (HOPEFULLY) by the end of this year. That means a Title and a playable demo with SOME level of polish.
I've also been looking for artist(s). Can't wait till I update my horrible placeholder sprites woopwooopwoooop
My friend who's been busy all semester will be coming back for winter break mid December too! So expect a ton of changes& progress in the game/website.

Till then..  Best of luck to everyone, ADIOS!! 

-jasontomlee (12/01/16)