I'll be discussing what I've done in month of MARCH & what I plan to do the upcoming month. 


This month was a fairly productive month compared to the others! Worked on a bit of everything: Polishing ParticleEffects, Game Feels, UI, and Game mechanics. I've tried to post as often as possible to stay proactive & motivated and it has worked! To continue this flow, I'll start posting my Twitter analytics here to gauge my social media growth. Eventually, other social media platforms, as well as, income report will be included! You don't know how excited I get when it comes to analytics haha. Seeing those NUMBERS CHANGE and comparing them to MORE numbers is exciting... right?  😯  

As for my day to day life, I've been staying home most of the time to save money& time. It's tough transitioning from going out everyday to eat/work  to staring at the monitor all day. But that's what I've done in the past & I'm confident in retaining my sanity lol.. I picked up a fairly old game I've enjoyed in the past with my friends because it was on sale for 50%! KILLING FLOOR 2  H Y P E !    The amount of polish they added on top of the solid gameplay is soooo satisfying. Dead body parts gushing out crimson saturated blood while in slow motion is a great feeling  😀 Go check out the game if you already haven't!  Speaking of great games, go check out HackZack, RainWorld and Rivals of Aether!!  These are games I've been following for months to years when in development/early access. They all somehow released on the same day too LOL. The stars aligned that very day.. 

Ok now lets talk about productivity now that we have all these games to n o l i f e on~ 
I picked up an app used by True Valhalla called RescueTime that tracks down your productivity on the computer. I'll show you guys an example of how it looks like:

As you can see, I waste alot of time.
I can track down how I spend **cough cough waste** my time and even at  what time of day! How cool is that  😎  But tracking down just one day made me realize how much time I throw away. Those are hours I'll never get back. So spend your time how you would spend your money! So yesterday I deleted Snapchat and Facebook on my phone. I can't imagine how much time I spent on my phone looking at stories LOL  (30+ stories each 30sec to 2min daily). As for Youtube, I wish to replace that with reading articles or use social media during the time I take short breaks. It is farrrrr too easy to lose track of time on Youtube. And social media should be used during my downtime (waiting for food to cook, walking, before/after sleep, etc.. ).
Allrighty lets see how I do this month~ GL HF


-Release a build on Itch  (previous month goal)  
-Release small build to friends
- Increase productivity with RescueTime
- Add analytics to next post
- Prototype a proc gen algorithm

Gifs from March..


Anyways that is all!
Thank you for reading :")