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What upp guys! 

I've been side tracked as usual but I'm not dead (yet)! There have been some personal and health issues last week that led me to temporarily move back to my LA house. It's been tough to get some real work done back at home but I've been recovering and preparing fairly well for my future plans. Small achievements such as writing this Status Update draft will surely get me back on track.

OKAY. So these Status Updates will visualize any social media / financial progress every month (just like True Valhalla's Income Reports ). I will start off with a brief summary explaining what I did, the results, and what I will do the upcoming month. If you guys haven't seen already but the Timeline menu page will be a summary of all my Status Updates stats and goals. It'll be VERY motivating to overview all my work at a glance and gauge the progress I have made.  Here goes nothing!




This is the area where I will write about what I've worked on during the month. Talk about what went right and wrong. Gauge how successful the weeks & month was based on amount/quality of work completed. 


There was a total of 0 followers/subscribers across these various social platforms with a difference of ( +0 ) from the previous month. 


Twitter- 847 ( +30 )
Tumblr- 0 ( +0 )
Website- 0 ( +0 )

My personal profiles have been viewed 0 times  with a difference of ( +0 ) from the previous month. 
Twitter- 2,873 ( +0 )
Website- 70  ( +0 )



I have worked a total of 0 GameDevelopment, 0 Work hours, and 0 Entertainment hours this month. 



There was a total of  0 Downloads ( +0this month. 


  Downloads  Change
Simple Button Effects 0 +0
Pause Menu 0  +0
Networking Bundle 0  +0
Particle FX 0 +0



Income Source Amount Change
Work/Freelance  $0  + $0
Assets  $0  + $0
Game Sales  $0  + $0
Investments  $0  + $0
Other  $0  + $0
TOTAL $0  + $0




Closing statements and rants, TL;DR (too long didnt read summary). Overview of next month's goals based on what I've done this month. Goals vary from financial checkpoints to blog posts. End! 


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