I'll be discussing what I've done in month of JANUARY & what I plan to do the upcoming month. 


Just like last month, January was packed with post holiday celebration & part time work. It was definitely an interesting& crazy month for me personally.. but I'm ready to move on to get things done !  I've been watching a bunch of programming/career ( & uselsess random) videos the past few weeks & found a great informative Youtuber. He talks about his experience from being a Mechanical Engineer to a Youtuber/Vlogger. His insight & interviews are very helpful for college students like me. There was this one video that really stood out with me& it talked about how self improvement is vital to your success. I realized a major part of self improvement is to expand your knowledge & what better way is there than reading books ?! The video mentions a handful of books everyone should check out: As a Man Thinketh, E-Myth, The War of Art,  The Richest Man in Babylon . I can read on my kindle app in my spare time instead of reading dank memes ZZZZZZZzzz..

As for Gamedev, I've put off alot of work simply because of my inability to choose a theme for the game. I've been just polishing/rewriting visual code but that's gettin me nooooowhere. This month 
 I've also posted my old RTS Project on Steam Concepts just for the hell of it! I figured I might as well see what others want to say about the game. I may as well post on IndieDB as well~



-I worry WAYYYY too much. Just #gamedev  bro.

That is all! Thank you for reading :")

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