I'll be discussing what I've done in month of FEBURARY & what I plan to do the upcoming month. 


This month was spent messing around with a few new particle effects & FX in general. I tried adding more visual representation of damage with high velocity particles/blood pedals, bright lines and updated impact animations. TBH Alot of time was wasted experimenting with the visuals.. But better to keep everything lookin clean than messy!! I've attempted to animate a few small things.. and I DID. But as I always do, I cannot get myself to animate actual game sprites that will be in the final product. My hesitation to choose the game's theme, visual style and color scheme prevents me to do so. On the bright side, I've finally chosen a game mechanic that may be preeeetty fun! Can't wait to make an ACTUAL GAME JEEEZ.

During the weekends, I've been working my partime job as usual. Working the shitty job sure does burn me out.. but it is nice to get my face off the computer screen every once in a while~ Unfortunately, many of my close co-workers have started quitting to find better places :"( I may consider working at a higher paying (tipping) job too butttt I'll most likely burn me out even more. What I need is time & motivation, not work& money !

-No matter how horrendously buggy and shitty the (art/gameplay/everything) is...No matter WHAT!!  RELEASE A BUILD ON  ITCH !
-Start getting used to other social media platforms other than Twitter. Gotta start practicing building an audience & getting myself out there!
-Tutorials ? (I always say this but never end up doing this LOLS)
-Cleanup website for easier navigation 

Gifs from February..


Anyways that is all!
Thank you for reading :")