I'll be discussing what I did in the month of December and what I plan to do the upcoming YEAR! 

UNFORTUNATELY,  this month did not end with a BANG!... Most of my time was spent at my part time job during the holiday rush. My hands and back also hurt like  B**** from 80+ hrs of work, FUCK THAT!! Can't believe I'm actually looking forward to studying& learning at home. Anything beats working fulltime at my job... 

On the bright side, we all have a new year to look forward to! We can start making those New Years resolutions, eating healthy exercising, waking up early in the morning, blah blahh, etc etc... All those meager promises we make on New Years are hilariousssss. I've realized that to change or to start a (healthy) habit takes TIME & EFFORT! You aren't going to change after promising yourself something in your head. That's why I'm writing mine down here ~

Allright Let's be real Jason. The plans for January have to be feasible enough  to complete yet challenging enough to make me break a sweat. 
 My main goal for the LONGEST time was to release a playable game. So that's definitely on top of my list! Making a few neat assets will be on my todo list too.  Though I am uncomfortable blogging/writing, I wish to make it a regular habit to entertain as well as help other devs. Exercising is something I've stayed consistent at for the past 6 months& plan to keep doing next year.  Exercising does more than just grow muscles/lose fat. It helps your mind stay sharp, keeps you motivated& active and LITERALLY teaches you what the phrase, "NO PAIN, NO GAINZ" means.

That's all for now!
Here's a gif or two I made this month, Enjoy!
And Happy Holidays~