[RTS Game]- (JAN 2016) Progress Log

1. Random targetx when grouped Unit Select
2.Update mouse (stop m1,m2 spasm )

3.Unit move slower up hills
4.**Add Healer, Defender & Flying Units
5. Fix Particle Effects (when paused)
6.Unit stun state

8.Update IDLE object sprites (grass,rocks,trees, etc)
9.**Command Pane
10.** New commands for units? 
11. Image shown in InfoPane
12.Add spells/modes for each unit
13.Customize Room

Things to get done SOON!!!!!

G O D B L E S S 
-Refine unit code (animations, movement & states should all mend well together) 
-Deactivate/Reactivate off sceen objects

-Environment (Trees, Rocks, Birds, Bushes, Clouds...)
-Parallax Background
-CommandPane (w/working Skill)
-Implement researching Spells & Upgrades
-Add some way to show these Upgrades
-Buildings(Eco, Research , Production, Turrets? ...)
-Buildable/Destructable terrain 
-InGame and Menu Music
-Slow, Stun and Knockback(?)
-Castable Spells (Auto & Manual Cast)
-Update Header UI for all Units 
-Prevent stacking Name IDs
-Add indicator for #of stacked Units
-Add new commands for GroupSelected (Disburse , Formation .. maybe not)

-MULTIPLAYER (once everything is glitch free)