Networking Tests for Jason

To do list for simple Networking Tests!

1. Both players must be able to see each other’s movements.

2. Latency should stay low (Why does ping spikes occur?)

3. Both movements have to be synchronized on each other’s screens at all times.
(How to test this: Have 2 colored Tiles on the map. One red, one blue. After both players move around for a while, try to get both players to Red and Blue tiles at the same time.

4. Interaction with Map Objects: Put a Box in the middle of the map. Both players run against the box in opposite direction.

5. Experiment with Player A damaging Player B:
a. Player A Placing down a ‘Trap’ box that would deal damage to Player B whenever he steps on it, but not Player A.
b. Player A Shoots a small, slow ball projectile in a line. When Player B touches it, the projectile is destroyed and Player B takes single tick of damage.
c. Player A punches Player B directly, and Player B takes a single tick of damage.

6. Chat log format

Right now it’s this:

“Currently Typing Message:
Message 1
Message 2
Message 3
Message 4”


Make it like this:

“Message 1
Message 2
Message 3
Message 4
Currently Typing Message:”