February 1st 2018

The purpose of this article series is to ultimately improve the productivity of my life by analyzing and tracking various areas in my life. And in doing so, I wish to motivate every reader to become their best selves by sharing my personal goals, failures, and accomplishments with utmost transparency. Thank you and enjoy the read! 

This post will be a reference for the months ahead. 



The month of January was a month of preparation and experimentation for the month(s) leading up to GDC ( Game Developers Conference ). It is a place filled with all kind of people associated and interested in the Game Development field- it's essentially THE mecca for devs, artists, and composers. I experimented with my daily workflow schedule by trying new tasks that may or may not have aligned with my goals- Streaming, Crypto trading, forum posting, and Reddit. It was quite overwhelming but I knew these tasks would eventually become easy-going habits in the coming months. 

I redid my website for the 10000th time and I'm FINALLY SOMEWHAT SATISFIED WITH IT. I tried and tried again to deliver a 'professional' feel for the site, but I knew it was missing something- so I decided to add more. Funny enough, adding clutters! Clutter does the exact opposite of looking professional & concise. So yes, more is less and less is more.

During my offtimes, I occasionally streamed various games on The main reason for this was to record any funny/epic moments while I played with friends. A clip or two would then be shared with you guys on this monthly post to make things a bit more lively & enjoyable~ But while streaming, I noticed how quiet of a guy I was... *cricket cricket* So don't expect me to be an A Class streamer anytime soon but expect some SPICY plays when I do (; And in the future, I plan to stream Game Development ( just like my homie Sebastian ), Crypto day-trading, and anything else worth sharing/teaching.

I toyed around with Gamemaker to prepare myself to release a few assets this month. I participated ( and miserably failed ) in the Minimalistic Game Jam 2 and remade a framework to easily start new projects. 











Total Views

-GM:S Marketplace ( +134 ) ( +78  )

Total downloads

-GM:S Marketplace ( +26 ( +21

Total Purchases

-GM:S Marketplace ( +1 ) ( +1 )





Income Source

Assets ( +$00 )

Trading ( +$00 )

Sold Assets ( +$00 )

Donations ( +$00 )



Retirement ( -$200 )

Dropbox ( -$12 )

Coinigy ( -$20 )

Rescue-Time ( -$7 )

Planet Fitness ( -$15 )

Audible ( -$15 )

Food ( -$200 )


Net Expense: -$469
Gross Income: +$00



Twitter- 908 ( +34 )

Twitch- 4 ( +4 ) 16 ( +0 )




Now that this website is finally SOMEWHAT presentable, my immediate focus will be on rebranding my name. Updating old pictures and content is the priority before starting anything new. Here is what I will update within the next few days:

  • Twitter Profile Picture
  • Twitter Header Pic
  • Update ALL previous asset's Gifs, descriptions, and Icons ( rerelease )
  • Replace all profile pics and descriptions on other platforms

With all that setup, it's time to get ACTUAL results for next month's post. I will continue putting my best efforts to stay ACTIVE on social platforms, in the gym, and churn out some awesome content. 

Finally, I wish you guys a Happy Friyay! Work hard play hard ya'll.

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