PAGE LAYOUT (1/9/2018) - NAJanuary 1nd, 2018   -Insert header image right here-   Here's the page layout I'll be using for future posts 🙂  -Insert article content here-         JOIN THE COMMUNITY Sales and promotions ( assets, partnered game sales w/developers, released games, and any opportunity that arises ).  Monthly Giveaways! (wip- Your choice of […]
Diary Entry #5- Preparing for the new year. Goals and ambitions. (1/4/2018) - TUESDAYJanuary 2nd, 2018 Hey, Jason here. *I accidentally deleted this post... time to rewrite zz* As the year of 2017 comes to an end, the vast horizon of 2018 lies ahead of us. Instead of setting a "New Years Resolutions" this year, I'll be focusing on my "My Schedule Tomorrow". As exciting as it is to […]
Diary Entry #4- Minimalist Game Jam 2 (12/24/2017) - SUNDAYDecember 24st, 2017 Hey, Jason here. Today I signed up for a fairly small game jam named Minimalist Game Jam 2 hosted by Water Flare  ( go check him out ). I will be joining in with my partner in crime, no other than, DANIEL KIM! We finally have time during this winter break to crank […] Supported Coins and Tokens (12/22/2017) - THURSDAYDecember 21st, 2017 Exodus supported coins/tokens Aragon Augur BAT Bitcoin Ethereum FunFair Civic Dash Decred EOS district0x Gnosis Golem OmiseGO SALT Ethereum Classic Subscribe if you've enjoyed ! Be the first to receive updates about my latest announcements and blog posts. First Name Email address: Leave this field empty if you're human: Connect with me […] – The multi-purpose crypto asset manager, exchange, and wallet (12/22/2017) - THURSDAYDecember 21st, 2017 Yo, Jason here. I will briefly write about the crypto currency desktop wallet I've been using. I consider it the best wallet for the greenhorns of crypto for its stellar UX/UI design. All the colors, visuals, and data mend in such an aesthetical way- I love it!  The live prices of the supported assets […]
Crypto- The Era of Digital Currency (Intro) (10/23/2017) - MONDAYOctober 23th, 2017 Hey, Jason here.I'll be rewriting this post to recap on the topics I plan to write about.This will the start of the series, "Crypt", that will be discussing and elaborating on topics related to Digital Currency - Topics ranging from basic definitions of money, how it works, its history, alternate coins, ICO's, […]
GIF Showcase – Action Platformer ( March 2017 ) (10/6/2017) - ! ? Impact 1 Enemy equiped with weapons Weapon hover over effect Flamethrower Updated light and torch New blood particle effects Jump Dash fun Directional jump smoke Landing smoke & variations 3 Weapons Combat demo New sprites & tileset ! Flying enemies Slow motion effect Destroy wall surface Paralax background
Diary Entry #3- Future blog topics and categories (9/29/2017) -   THURSDAYSeptember 28th, 2017     What upppp!I got a bit side tracked on my Bitcoin studying and decided to organize my future blog posts into a well structured template. I've noticed blog posts tend to get cluttered without proper care so each post will be titled along with its correlating category.   Here's a […]
Diary Entry #2- Rise and Grind (9/20/2017) -   TUESDAYSeptember 19th, 2017   I'll be outlining my new daily and weekly schedule for the next month or so in hopes of creating healthy habits. I need to get more done with less time. Less distraction, pressure (motivation) and a routine will point me in the direction of higher productivity. Starting off with the […]
Diary Entry #1 – How I plan to get started with Game Development. (9/3/2017) - September 1st, 2017     Hey peeps ! This will be the start of a new blog series titled "Diary Entry". The purpose of this series is for me to get comfortable with writing while voicing my opinions on certain subjects. I wish to enter a job field relating to any of my personal interests […]