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Monthly Income Report #1- (January 2018) (2/3/2018) - A monthly article sharing personal data to improve and record productivity.
Diary Entry #5- Preparing for the new year. Goals and ambitions. (1/4/2018) - Preparation for the new year. A shift in character and daily habits organically leads to fulfilled deadlines.
Diary Entry #4- Minimalist Game Jam 2 (12/24/2017) - Minimalist Jam 2! INCOMPLETE Supported Coins and Tokens (12/22/2017) - A list of Exodus supported Coins and Tokens. Updated regularly. – The multi-purpose crypto asset manager, exchange, and wallet (12/22/2017) - Getting started with the crypto desktop wallet.
Crypto- The Era of Digital Currency (Intro) (10/23/2017) - Summary of possible article entries regarding the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency.
GIF Showcase – Action Platformer ( March 2017 ) (10/6/2017) - Gif compilation of an Action Platformer from the month of March 2017.
Diary Entry #3- Future blog topics and categories (9/29/2017) - A list of future posts and categories.
Diary Entry #2- Rise and Grind (9/20/2017) - A plan to get every day rolling with productivity and liveliness. Wake up earlier and stick with one task!