It's summer break.

So what have you been up to lately Jason?

I'll keep this vague but I've been living a fairly redundant routine the past month. I wake up to messages from people asking me when I can hangout with them. No matter how broke and willing I am to stay home, I end up leaving the house at some point to come back late at night (2-4am). How fun does that sound ?? Yeaaaaa NO. It's not. Other that that, I finally turned 21 !! It'll take some time for my ability to LEGALLY buy drinks to sink in haha. As for my work I have been revising, testing new plugins, and polishing my website. Too bad I did not take screenshots of the older versions of the website.. the changes are quite noticeable heh. I haven't made much progress but I'm working on a "Useful Scripts" project to streamline my development for ALL project. It is inspired by RupeckGames Essential Scripts . Another asset I was supposed to complete a LOOOOONG time ago was the Particle Effects scripts. I'll get back to that before I start my game with Daniel. 


As stated in one of my previous posts, I was supposed to be grinding game development with my friend right now. A few serious incidents forced me to stay in LA for a bit longer but I should be back this Sunday..FINALLY !! I never expected how busy my friend was with his other school/personal music composition projects. So our game development time working together will be cut even shorter. That means we'll have to re-scope our project to be either smaller (aimed towards mobile?) or released much later. He has roughly 1 month of summer vacation left till school resumes so I hope to complete preproduction within that time. From there, I would need to work on it myself with the occasional aid of peeps/freelancers. But until that time comes, I'll be working on my own personal projects/assets to build my portfolio & online presence. 

That'll wrap it up for this post!  
Please bear with these boring personal posts till I write up some insightful tutorials and articles~ Drafting a few topics as we speak ;D
Thank you for your time. PEACE OUTTT