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December 21st, 2017

Yo, Jason here.

I will briefly write about the crypto currency desktop wallet I've been using. I consider it the best wallet for the greenhorns of crypto for its stellar UX/UI design. All the colors, visuals, and data mend in such an aesthetical way- I love it!  The live prices of the supported assets will also be listed near the end of the post using Cryptocompare API. Make sure to check out my Crypto portfolio as well! 
Now, shall we get started?


Exodus serves as a multi-asset wallet, an exchange backed by Shapeshift and live portfolio for its supported crypto-currencies. They ensure YOUR assets are in YOUR control 100% of the time using private keys stored locally on your computer - It is a perfect solution for those who feel apprehensive about investing in cryptocurrency. 

User satisfaction is second to basic functionality. This is done with the use of stunning charts, and customizable visuals to tailor to the user's preference. Need assistance? Exodus has you covered with frequently asked questions in the client. Still need help? Their excellent support team will come to assist you in a timely manner via email, slack (chat) room, or live call.




Exodus allows users to visualize monetary data with ease. You have the option to view your total value in fiat currency (USD) or Bitcoins (BTC) through a color coated pie chart. Individual assets also have the option to be reviewed by its value or amount of holdings. It is important to note that the value and amount of holdings of an asset are completely different. The value is updated real-time ( every few minutes ) and will continue to stay volatile as the market does. 

Value of all wallets in USD
Value of all wallets in Bitcoin (BTC) and display amounts.


And yes, I know viewing all these strange asset names are as obstructing as they are distracting. That's why there's the option to choose what assets to view and use. Problem solved!


Wallets are conveniently generated for you upon installation. No need for an account set up! As funds are added, sent out, and exchanged, all the transaction history is saved on Exodus. 

If you'd like to view further details, click the specified transaction. It will open up relevant data pertaining to the order just like a receipt. When you click the 'Transaction ID', it will link you to the actual order in whatever blockchain your asset is in. Take a look at my Ethereum transaction made on December 6th down below. This blockchain confirmation is proof that no funny business goes on in a transaction. 

Exodus caters to the 'receipt please' and 'no thanks' crowd. They acknowledge and consider every user. Lovely.


Exchanging is where the magic happens. 

Here's how a typical exchange looks like:

Cryptopia.com - Exchanging Electroneum for Tether (USDT).

A bit overwhelming with a page full of numbers right? Don't get me started on setting up and verifying an account...

This is where Exodus comes in handy to make quick trading convenient for the casual user.  Below you can see all the information previewed before an exchange is confirmed. 

Exchange any supported asset in the Exchange Tab. Be aware that assets are occasionally unavailable for a short period of time.

Note that there will always be a transaction fee when exchanging and sending assets. So be careful when exchanging! You don't want to be losing all your money by paying network fees. 

Well, what do ya know? I noticed this tab as I was making this post! You can now view your exchange history ordered by date instead of viewing them by each individual asset. The same information is displayed as it is in the wallet, except that only the exchange transactions are shown. Neat!

View your most recent exchanges by date.

To view the live prices of the supported coins and tokens, check out Exodus- Supported Coins and Tokens.  Note that all the assets may not be readily available to exchange ( due to Shapeshift and backend traffic ).

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