Diary Entry #5- Preparing for the new year. Goals and ambitions.

January 2nd, 2018

Hey, Jason here.

*I accidentally deleted this post... time to rewrite zz*

As the year of 2017 comes to an end, the vast horizon of 2018 lies ahead of us. Instead of setting a "New Years Resolutions" this year, I'll be focusing on my "My Schedule Tomorrow". As exciting as it is to set yearly, ambitious goals at the start of every year, wishful thinking does not get you anywhere. So tackling the issues I've had with laziness, indecisiveness, and inconsistency with productive habitual changes will eventually lead to fulfilled goals - and eventually, fulfilled dreams!

I recall an interview I've watched on Elon Musk where he states 3 tips for his fellow entrepreneurs:

  1. Be confident that what you're doing has high value to someone else. And make sure you make a rigorous and stern assessment of that very thing because people have the tendency to have wishful thinking.
  2. Being rigorous in self-analysis and staying tenacious.
  3. Work like HELL.




With those words in mind, here's a list of activities I'll be squeezing into a daily schedule:

  • Social Media, Forums, and Reddit
  • Fingerstyle theory & practice
  • Blog
  • Development
  • Learn and Trade Crypto- Research & Invest in ICOs
  • Stream leisure time
  • Work-out 

I'll be using these tools to track my progress/productivity throughout the month:

  • Rescue Time
  • CryptoCompare
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Itch/GM:S Analytics
  • WordPress Jetpack

This month will be the first month all this data will be recorded into a post- think of it as a reference month. So till then, enjoy the rest of your month!  



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