Diary Entry #4- Minimalist Game Jam 2

December 24st, 2017

Hey, Jason here.

Today I signed up for a fairly small game jam named Minimalist Game Jam 2 hosted by Water Flare  ( go check him out ). I will be joining in with my partner in crime, no other than, DANIEL KIM! We finally have time during this winter break to crank out some awesome content. He'll be blessing us with his new and improved arsenal of music software hahahah can't wait. 

This jam is a bit special because it'll be our first jam together. It won't be anything too audacious but it'll be something we can look back on as a great memory and inspiration for future projects. Funny enough, this jam aligns with our goals as an artist deficient team! Ha! What a perfect time to focus on game mechanics and feel. Expect a CRAP ton of game juice/feels, dual-purpose mechanics, and high-quality sound/music design. 

Keeping it short.
That's all, thanks for reading~




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