Diary Entry #3- Future blog topics and categories


September 28th, 2017



What upppp!
I got a bit side tracked on my Bitcoin studying and decided to organize my future blog posts into a well structured template. I've noticed blog posts tend to get cluttered without proper care so each post will be titled along with its correlating category.


Here's a list of Categories and topics I have planned out:


DIARY ENTRIES are impulsive blurbs that voice my opinions & thoughts on topics that are currently on my mind. 



MONTHY STATUS UPDATE is a structured report of Income, Time Management and Money Management data with short & long term goals for the current month & beyond.


CRYPT is the parent category to all topics relating to digital/crypto currency. 

  •  Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Exodus
  • Electroneum


BITCOIN discuss topics and questions relating to Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin- What is Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin- How to use Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin- Bitocoin fees
  • Bitcoin- BIP Process


ETHEREUM discuss topics and questions relating to Ethereum.

  • Ethereum- What is Ethereum?
  • Ethereum- Ethereum nonces


LITECOIN discuss topics and questions relating to Litecoin.

  • Litcoin- What is Litecoin?


ELECTRONEUM discuss topics and questions relating to Electroneum.

  • Electroneum- What is Electroneum? 


GAMEDEV discuss anything related to Game Development: tutorials, plans, tips, etc...

  • GameDev #1- Intro
  • GameDev #2- Learning resources
  • GameDev #3- Social Media, Reaching out



MONEY relates to financing tips learned through personal experience and other resources. 

  • Money #1- *Insert Title Here*



GIF SHOWCASE is a compilation of GIFs from the previous month or specified project. 



ASSET refers to my asset listings on the Gamemaker forums, marketplace, and Itch.io. Each listing will link all related links

  • Asset- Simple Button Effects
  • Asset- Pause Menu v2
  • Asset- Easy GM:S Networking: Reference Build
  • Asset- Easy GM:S Networking: Platformer Build
  • Asset- Useful Scripts v1
  • Asset- Particle Editor



Look forward to a Page version of this post in the BLOG section of the main menu! It'll make navigating posts much easier 🙂   That should be it for now, PEACEEE !



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