September 19th, 2017


I'll be outlining my new daily and weekly schedule for the next month or so in hopes of creating healthy habits. I need to get more done with less time. Less distraction, pressure (motivation) and a routine will point me in the direction of higher productivity. Starting off with the mindset at the start of the day is key.


Past few weeks..

The past few weeks have been distracting for the most part. Going out to eat, socializing and working has really disrupted the positive work flow I had from the last weeks of summer break. I had no urge to leave the comfort of my home to study. Why bother going out when you can save money at home? That right there is what you call an excuse!  I also ran into a small problem of leaving my laptop charger at Daniel's house. After contemplating on whether to buy the charger or not for a week, buying the wrong one, then waiting another week.. I finally got the charger. Now's the time to get out to get sh*t done! 


A new start to the day

Mentioned in my first Diary Entry, I planned to cut out my part-time job ( Cafe ) to replace it with remote work as a Community Support Engineer. For the time being, keeping the job is totally fine. But I constantly considered the pros/cons of staying at the job if I got hired online. Other than keeping me humble, socializing and coming out for some fresh air.. there really didn't seem to be any other reason to stay- it isn't worth my time. 

To maximize productivity, I've been looking for very particular cafes to study & work at - Quiet, spacious, and isolated. This is the environment I am best suited to stay focused at. But the important thing to note is for me to not get TOO comfortable. When people get comfortable, there is a lack of need to change ( or push yourself ). I already know I'll get distracted if I'm studying during mid-day with Wifi, a computer and inevitable boredum.

How to avert this from happening? 

  • Wake up early in the morning- 4 to 6am. Hit the gym. Hit the cafe.

Which cafe do I go to?

  • My work place before it opens! Leave sometime around 12pm noon (when the business opens up).

Where to next?

  • Home! Work on game development related content on my main computer. 


Plain and simple!
Exercising after waking up instead of before bed. Write and learn at my workplace. Follow through with GameDev coding at home. 

I'd rather keep the schedule times out till I get in the groove of waking up early. From there I'll play around with scheduling and share with you guys on what worked best for me. What works for me will hopefully work for you! 

Thanks for reading as always, PEACE ! 





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