September 1st, 2017



Hey peeps !

This will be the start of a new blog series titled "Diary Entry". The purpose of this series is for me to get comfortable with writing while voicing my opinions on certain subjects. I wish to enter a job field relating to any of my personal interests - coding, visual design, writing, money management, selling things.. - Working remotely for an established company is what I'm aiming for right now. I believe having the flexibility to work anywhere and when ever you'd like is a privilege many, if not all, people yearn for. On top of that, if your area of work is something you are passionate about, you are living the dream! Blogging will take me one step closer to that lucid dream.

Well... here goes nothing !! 



Where I was, where I'm at

When starting anything new, people tend to tunnel vision only on the prize. But overlooking the amount of effort and time it takes to reach the end of the tunnel is why so many of us give up. In my case, creating a successful indie game was the dream. But until I really jumped into development, have I understood how difficult it was to COMPLETE a game. Yet alone a FUN one.. I reminisce on the times I would spend hours upon hours fixing one letter syntax mistakes. Oh how degrading that felt LOL.. But I stood true to my goal and accepted failure as a part of the learning experience. I realized there is much more to game development than just development - Networking with other peers, Marketing yourself & product, and most importantly, consistency. I was naive and uncertain. But the past summer has taught me invaluable lessons I will never forget. 

It's exciting to say that I'm at a point in life where I can confidently say I'm an adult now (literally 21 haha). Yes, my physical age defines me as an adult. But what matters is how mature your mind is - How you react to unexpected events in your life. No matter how daunting or minuscule the event may be, being mature is to be composed with what ever life throws at you. When a baby misses his mom, he cries. His world plunges into an endless pit of grief. He fails to recognize that his mom's absence is only temporary, therefore, he reacts to how he currently feels. I too was that baby. When something went wrong in my code, I felt an insurmountable amount of discouragement that eventually led me to give up on many occasions. On a more personal note, I straight up felt depressed about everything when my grandpa - my second father - passed unexpectedly. My world was filled with binge drinking to escape the emptiness I felt. But after weeks and weeks of grief, a thought passed my mind. There was nothing I could do to change the past. The best thing to do was to look straight ahead and continue on. Never take any steps back, but rather, glance back.

With this in mind, I will outline the GRAND PLAN step by step! 


General Priorities

To get things straight, here's a general list of things I can do right now:

  1. Game Development
  2. School
  3. Self Studying
  4. Work ( part-time job )
  5. Work ( degree related )
  6. Blog
  7. Party lol 

If you break the categories down to its roots, each can be grouped into a list of three: 

  1. Learn - Sow
  2. Practice - Grow
  3. Earn Money - Reap

The ideal scenario is a mixture of all three categories in multiple fields. 


The first field I'll focus on is WRITING.

I've been dreading writing for a good year now. But concisely delivering your thoughts and doing it often is a skill I will undoubtedly need to improve on. In order to push myself to write often, I'll be applying for a job at Exodus as a Community Support Engineer! Crypto-currency has been of interest for me ever since Highschool; I've wrote a 10 page essay and gave a 40 min presentation on it for my senior project. I've recently put money into the top three currencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin - to dabble around with it. I'd gladly write essays about the processes, history and how-to's of this whole Bitcoin Crypto-currency revolution. Researching & learning more about Bitcoin, writing about it on my blog, and then monetizing it by working as a Support Team member is the idea. The beauty of this is the foundation it will set for other fields: Development, Bitcoin investing, UX Design, Marketing, and much much more! 

Strategic Execution

Now here's the plan on achieving these things as effectively as possible!

  1. Work at a software company.
  2. Develop small scale projects/assets.
  3. Blog about these experiences.
  4. Develop first commercial game.
  5. Work at a part-time job.
  6. Support others in the game dev community
  7. Invest earnings

The list is very straight forward. Each serve multiple purposes- Learning, Growing and Earning.

  1. Work at a company related to Crypto-currency/Community Support. Learn about investing. Do Invest. Practice writing. Earn stable money.
  2. Create modular tools to aid developers (such as myself). Build reputation/fans amongst developers. Partially monetize work, most is free.
  3. Blog to attract various readers. Establish consistency. Stay active in the community. 
  4. Start developing a larger scale game again. Gif often. Utilize support from fans/fellow devs for help.
  5. Humble myself at work zzz.. Come to work anytime to study. I get discounted drinks woopwoop!
  6. Make an effort to genuinely support my peers. I know the bros always got your back.
  7. The term 'Investing' is used broadly. Let my money sit long term? Quick sell? Hire to supplement projects? 

*I'll leave all the details for another post!*



Whether I am developing, writing or working at a job, they all serve the dream of having creative and financial freedom. And the first baby step is this blog post ( I had to revise and rewrite this post so many times. It's depressing ) !! WRITING is the priority this month; Get hired as a Community Support Engineer at any Crypto-currency company (ideally Exodus)

As I'm improving and earning through writing, the next field to tackle is DEVELOPMENT. Can't wait till I'm able to develop a game fulltime! This time It'll be with the support of more money, knowledge and credibility. Communicating and networking with others will be organic along the way. So I have the support of others going for me as well. I'm ready to get grinding.
I'm ready.




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