What upp peeps! 

Today was the first official day I've worked on gamedev with Daniel. Yup, we're finally living the life we've dreamt of since 9th grade! We got an entire studio room to work in, place to sleep, and an entire fridge stocked with soda. What else could we ask for? So this week, I'm going to be finishing up all the assets I failed to finish last month before any new prototyping. In the meantime, Daniel and I will be discussing possible ideas for our first commercial game until we have a solid list of ideas. If we agree on an idea above all the other prototypes, I will go straight to work on that project. Otherwise, I will do quick prototypes on the most plausible ideas from our list and then choose what to go with after playing it. Hopefully this process does not take too long so we can start pumping our game out at top speed. Within 2weeks to a month after prototyping, I'll reveal the game through gifs on Twitter & blog posts. Damn this is exciting. Not knowing whether or not we'll miserably fail or achieve some level of success. 

Other than that.. there's nothing left for me to say 🙂  So let me show you a few pics I just took of the house~



Duelyst Pics
Duelyst Pics
Soon to be Doodle board
Backyard view
Le Thinking Char












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