ABOUT ME Hi, my name is Jason Junghoon Lee. I am a Korean-American 21 year old born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.My hobbies include: finger-style guitar, fiddling with code, dabbling with crypto-currency, trolling in games, and most importantly, over…..

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Crypto- The Era of Digital Currency (Intro)

MONDAYOctober 23th, 2017 Hey, Jason here.I’ll be rewriting this post to recap on the topics I plan to write about.This will the start of the series, “Crypt”, that will be discussing and elaborating on topics related to Digital Currency -…..

GIF Showcase – Action Platformer ( March 2017 )

! ? Impact 1 Enemy equiped with weapons Weapon hover over effect Flamethrower Updated light and torch New blood particle effects Jump Dash fun Directional jump smoke Landing smoke & variations 3 Weapons Combat demo New sprites & tileset !…..

Diary Entry #3- Future blog topics and categories

  THURSDAYSeptember 28th, 2017     What upppp!I got a bit side tracked on my Bitcoin studying and decided to organize my future blog posts into a well structured template. I’ve noticed blog posts tend to get cluttered without proper…..

Diary Entry #2- Rise and Grind

  TUESDAYSeptember 19th, 2017   I’ll be outlining my new daily and weekly schedule for the next month or so in hopes of creating healthy habits. I need to get more done with less time. Less distraction, pressure (motivation) and…..

Diary Entry #1 – How I plan to get started with Game Development.

September 1st, 2017     Hey peeps ! This will be the start of a new blog series titled “Diary Entry”. The purpose of this series is for me to get comfortable with writing while voicing my opinions on certain…..

Draft Status Update- [JULY 2017]

    *Insert Cover photo**Insert similar opening statements for each Status Update post here* What upp guys!  I’ve been side tracked as usual but I’m not dead (yet)! There have been some personal and health issues last week that led…..

DAY #1 Back on track

  What upp peeps!  Today was the first official day I’ve worked on gamedev with Daniel. Yup, we’re finally living the life we’ve dreamt of since 9th grade! We got an entire studio room to work in, place to sleep, and…..

Return from Hiatus! (test post)

What I’ve been up to the past month.. Future plans for the remainder of this summer break.

Plans for Summer 2k17 !!

SUP. Before I start, I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for summer. My homie, partner in crime, artist, and composer ( DAN ) is starting summer early June and he has graciously invited me to live with…..

Status Update- [MARCH 2017]

Heyyoo!  I’ll be discussing what I’ve done in month of MARCH & what I plan to do the upcoming month. THIS MONTH..This month was a fairly productive month compared to the others! Worked on a bit of everything: Polishing ParticleEffects, Game Feels,…..

Status Update- [ FEB 2017 ]

Heyyoo!  I’ll be discussing what I’ve done in month of FEBURARY & what I plan to do the upcoming month. THIS MONTH..This month was spent messing around with a few new particle effects & FX in general. I tried adding more visual…..

Status Update- [JAN 2017]

Heyyoo!  I’ll be discussing what I’ve done in month of JANUARY & what I plan to do the upcoming month.  THIS MONTH.. Just like last month, January was packed with post holiday celebration & part time work. It was definitely…..