Before I start, I can't tell you guys how excited I am for summer. My homie, partner in crime, artist, and composer ( DAN ) is starting summer early June and he has graciously invited me to live with him! He's the one that got me into gamedev back in 9th grade and haven't stopped talking about it ever since. The DREAM is actually going to happen!! WHOOOOP!  Since I've been dying to release a game for the longest time, we are just going to grind out the project I've been working on. Yes yes, I know this is going to be our first commercial game EVER and I know we are bound to make every mistake, find a bunch more, then make more mistakes.. But I want this release to be as successful as we can possibly can.

So that means making a:

1. Well thought out design to keep the game fresh.

2.Feasible scope so the game doesn't take 10 years to finish

3.Tight scheduling to get the game finished on timeIt still blows my mind that making game can actually become a career.. Time to put on my big boy pants on!!


OK .. I got 1 month till I move out. I might as well practice coding & earn money through gamedev! How would I do that? Gamemaker Assets. A mixture of free and paid assets will be the game plan. The free assets reach out to a greater audience and paid assets practice selling,marketing and polishing a product.  Hmm, that summarizes the gist of my plans for the next few months!
I'll catch you guys later on more Status updates,  Ranting, Tutorials and Income Reports!  ;D  (Expect that $0 income report by the end of this month ;-; )

Thanks for reading !