Journal Entry #1 – FRESH START


No more fun & games! Now's the time to act.  So for the remain half of the year, here's a set of goals I'll live by. Though these goals are broad, I'll update this list in greater detail as we go along.  The main focus for this quarter is simply, progress. Whether it is improving my linguistics (English/Korean) or theory knowledge I want to notice change from now to then. I want to look back on these entries  next year in utter shame & embarrassment in my writing! So yep. Writing casually as I would speak will  hopefully develop a comfortable,unique style of writing I can rely on. No regrets no looking back... Off we go!

From  September 2015 to  January 2016:

-Improve Linguistics (higher quality writing in less time, vocab, speech . . . ) 

-Constantly update DevBlog,Journal & Art (at least weekly) to track progress

-Release game ASAP (early Alpha before Oct)

-Complete courses on free code sites (code academy)

-Establish a set of feasible goals every week/month. Long & Short term goals. 

Week 1
Sat 8/29 to Sun 9/6



** Should make this a checklist page **